Why POLYDeFi For investors?

$OCTAGON will have a lot of utilities. The more utilities a token has, the more it will be held and used (demand increases). When circulating supply stays the same and token demand increases, the token price will go up.

Now regarding to why investors should be interested in POLYDeFi. POLYDeFi offers its native token ($OCTAGON) holders amazing discounts on new promising projects coming to the Polygon chain. POLYDeFi will not just be another launchpad.

  • We will do strict due diligence and a KYC to assure investor safety.
  • We will have high focus on smart contracts security.
  • Transparency will be of upmost importance.
  • We will guide new promising IFO projects throughout the whole process.
  • We will strive to give our investors as much benefits as possible for raising the initial funds for IFO projects. This means we select only worthy projects for our IFOs, which we will help increase their token price. After that increase we will help them to maintain token price as much as possible.
  • You will be able to participate in IFO launches and at the same time you will be able to keep farming with your LP tokens.

A project is worthy when they have met up to our expectations, passed the due diligence stage, passed the KYC stage and when they have a community backing them up.

How Simple it works


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