Why POLYDeFi For new projects?

Most launchpads in the crypto space have insanely high fees up to 50% of the total raise. We believe that this is not fair to the investors, as well as to the project that they are claiming to help.

These launchpads are mainly focussed on raising the money and then pump the token, after doing so, they will leave the IFO project hanging on its own. Our believes are not aligning with this way of work. We believe that launchpads should help IFO projects grow and maintain this growth in their early stages. PolyDeFi won't just be another launchpad, because we are taking the IFO projects by the hand on their first steps into the crypto space.

POLYDeFi advantages:

  • POLYDeFi only takes a 15% fee from each raise, which will be used for: our own marketing, own developments and team salary.
  • POLYDeFi will help its IFO projects make name on the Polygon chain by:
    1. Setting up a marketing checklist and make IFO projects follow this checklist.
    2. Introducing them to already established POLYDeFi partner projects.
    3. Passing on all the team its knowledge, which the team gained from starting on previous projects.

A project is worthy when they have met up to our expectations, passed the due diligence stage, passed the KYC stage and when they have a community backing them up.

How Simple it works


Ready to dive in?

POLYDeFi is not just a launchpad, with POLYDeFi you will be guided in your very first steps into DeFi. Do you want to get launched by POLYDeFi?